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FLB Overseas Employment Agency, Inc. owes its existence to the hard work, perseverance and determination of a man with a humble begining but great visions and remarkable business prowess. His name is Filomeno L. Bartolome, owner and president of the corporation as it is now.

Filomeno L. Bartolome and his wife, Cresencia, gained their foothold in the world of business as a young couple engaged in small scale trade way back in 1962 distribution of eggs, meat, rice and poultry feeds to supermarkets and retailers in Metro Manila. Earning considerably, the couple expanded their interests the next year to include gravel and sand dealership as well as hollow blocks and concrete drainage production as they gained sufficient equipment for these purposes. These ventures proceed surprisingly successful, resulting to the purchase of more trucks and equipments and eventually to the acquisition of large gravel and sand supply contracts with the government. This in turn opened up a gateway to the construction business booming in the 1970's. Tying up with knowledgeble technical men and engineers, the Bartolome couple registered the FLB Enterfrises as a "Class A" Contractor for both government and private construction projects. The company managed to close multi-million peso deals in the constuction of residential houses, apartments, high rise buildings and infrastructure even as it continued to find profitable markets for its construction supplies. FLB Enterprises at this point also built up its Trucking Fleet which included cement bulk carriers, garbage collection and other heavy equipments. In the meantime, the Bartolomes' orginal business in agri-product distribution likewise continued to flourish, expanding to include fruit dealership under Cresencia Bartolome's able management.

Riding high in its success, FLB Enterprises was ready once again to expand to other ventures as the 1980s began. For this, the export of human resources seemed a suitable choice as the company owners noted the serious need for legitimate overseas employment agencies that could faithfully and honestly cater to the needs of Filipinos wishing to work abroad. This decision was bolstered when Filomeno Bartolome went to Saudi Arabia on an invitation to invest in a ship repair yard in that country. Though this particular deal fell through, he was nevertheless able to directly observe the situation of overseas workers in the Middle East as well as gather firsthand information on the operation of recruitment agencies outside the Philippines. He then realized that the overseas job placement business was not only profitable, but was also a means of serving Filipino workers and helping them find veritable placements that would improve their earning capacities while preserving their dignity. But he saw it too as an operable, hardworking, honest and respectable.

Thus in 1986, FLB Entreprises, a single proprietorship, opened as a private employment agency licensed by the Philippine government to recruit Filipino workers for deployment to Malaysia, Saipan, Singapore, Hongkong and Brunei. It later expanded its reach to include Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. Even in those early years, the company already managed to find placement for an average of one hundred workers each month.

In 1993, to accommodate the growing responsibilities of the agency as well as to expand its ownership, FLB Overseas changed its status from a single proprietorship to a corporation. Thus FLB Overseas Employment Agency, Inc. came into existence. It now operates as a family corporation, presided and managed by Filomeno Bartolome himself.

FLB Overseas Employment Agency, Inc. continues to grow. To facilitate its recruitment activities in the province, it has already set up branches in Cebu City for the Visayas and in Davao City for Mindanao. Both branches already have their own funding sources and are currently deploying an average of thirty or forty workers monthly to different countries in Asia.

The agency's main office is located in Metro Manila. It maintains contact with its two branches and conducts continuing transactions with foreign principals wishing to hire Filipino workers. It is also in charge of human resource recruitment, training and development for the whole of Luzon.


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